TOEIC® Style Reading Questions: Part 5

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Grammar Patterns
Below are some sample words of each possible answer used correctly. correct

106) adverbs of time

a) She says she once saw a ghost.
b) We will be leaving soon.
c) The room is now available for you to use.
d) They plan to be married forever.

107) verb forms: open

a) A new cafe just opened last week.
b) Can you please open the door.
c) He intends to open a new store soon.
d) They are opening a new branch next month.

108) base forms: thick

a) This book is very thick.
b) He spread the jam thickly on the bread.
c) The thickness of the wall is three inches.
d) Cardboard is thicker than paper.

109) prepositions of time

a) He will be here in two weeks.
b) She will stay home over the holidays.
c) She will be here at Christmas.
d) He will be here for about ten days.

110) word choice : verbs

a) Please inquire with Mr. Smith about that.
b) I will browse the menu for the cheapest price.
c) Did you check the computer for updates?
d) Just refer to the map if you get lost.


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