TOEIC® Style Reading Questions: Part 5

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Grammar Patterns
Below are some sample words of each possible answer used correctly. correct


a) We filed our taxes in accordance with the law.
b) We had a chance to improve and acted accordingly.
c) He is unhappy according to Bob.
d) The two countries reached an accord on trade.


a) We increased security in light of the recent rise in crime.
b) It should be light by six a.m.
c) There is little light at midnight.
d) He left the light on.


a) She was promoted to head supervisor.
b) He is trying to promote his new book.
c) The band is promoting its new song.
d) There is a new sales promotion at the store.


a) Air conditioning tends to consume a lot energy.
b) Because the game was cancelled, the crowd got a refund.
c) We hope to obtain tickets for the concert.
d) Please inquire at the front desk about any room requests.


a) It might take as long as ten weeks to arrive.
b) Please finish your work as timely as possible.
c) His work was inaccurately done.
d) The concert was as loud as a jet at take off.


Video Lesson
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