TOEIC® Style Reading Questions: Part 5

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Grammar Patterns
Below are some sample words of each possible answer used correctly. correct


a) All business trips need management approval.
b) All the seminars were conducted in English.
c) She is now on maternity leave.
d) Please check you flight arrangements to verify the details.


a) The factory is only accessible by dirt road.
b) Hanoi is our final destination.
c) Her job requires a lot of travel.
d) Our supplies are transported by truck.


a) He was diagnosed with a rare disease.
b) She detected a dark mark on her skin.
c) The doctor performed the surgery.
d) The bad weather prevented me from reaching the mountain.


a) We bought a factory in order to increase production.
b) We have to take the bus to reach the station.
c) At night, you should be able to see the stars.
d) You must speak Thai to be considered for the job.


a) The government will dissolve next month.
b) Our business is expected to contract next year.
c) Taylor Books will merge with a national publishing company.
d) We should complete the project next year.


Video Lesson
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