TOEIC® Style Reading Questions: Part 5

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Grammar Patterns
Below are some sample words of each possible answer used correctly. correct


a) The new software was adopted industrywide.
b) He is considered to be the expert in his field.
c) A new schedule was proposed by the staff.
d) The new design was well received by critics.


a) The presenter had a nice voice.
b) He is not present at the moment.
c) The presentation lasted three hours.
d) He was presented an award at the seminar.


a) A survey conducted by him showed customer disatifaction.
b) Some people have questioned his management style.
c) She responded to the criticism with a letter to the newspaper.
d) She is determined to increase her sales this year.


a) The hat is used for deflection of sunlight.
b) Please do not take the rejection personably.
c) This report needs a good revision before it is printed.
d) The election results should be out tomorrow.


a) We left early in order to be on time.
b) You should eat fruit, for it is good for your health.
c) I am told they will arrive late.
d) He started crying upon hearing his dog died.


Video Lesson
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