TOEIC® Style Reading Questions: Part 5

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Grammar Patterns
Below are some sample words of each possible answer used correctly. correct


a) The product failed because there was poor management.
b) He won the game despite a poor performance.
c) He should join us, along with his brother.
d) The two companies are working together on a new product.


a) We are already behind schedule.
b) He has yet to arrive.
c) He left at the beginning of the meeting.
d) There is a need for more funding.


a) Our sales projection predicts a rise in demand.
b) Workers wear helmets for protection.
c) After a long protraction, the talks resumed.
d) There is a provision in the contract for holiday time.


a) The recent earthquake dominated the news.
b) We discussed the idea of starting a business.
c) He was warned to stop coming late to work.
d) The meeting involved several people.


a) I called Bob, Joe and Mary respectively.
b) We were greeted receptively at the airport.
c) We respectfully declined to attend the party.
d) He was reasonably late to the meeting.


Video Lesson
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