TOIEC® Part 6 : Practice Questions

what to do
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Vocabulary Review
Use the words from the text to complete the following sentences. correct
inform • invoice • sent • incorrectly
unpaid • case • over • send
  1. We received an from our supplier .
  2. You spelled my name. It has two 'd's .
  3. We spent a hundred dollars on dinner last night.
  4. We have not out our holiday cards yet.
  5. We ordered another of wine.
  6. Please us when you are in town again.
  7. We was arrested for parking tickets.
  8. We will you a free case of champagne.
Video Lesson
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To: Bob Smith <>
From: Barbara Jones <>
Date: July 18th
Subject: Invoice correction

Dear Mr. Smith,

Please let us know if this solution is acceptable for you.


Barbara Jones