TOIEC® Part 6 : Practice Questions

what to do
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Vocabulary Review
Use the words from the text to complete the following sentences. correct
permission • aired • monetary • recent
sole • compensation • request • excerpts
  1. I have a special : could you make my sandwich without mayonaisse?
  2. His purpose in life was to travel the world.
  3. I can't buy a car because I don't have the resources at this moment.
  4. She gave me to drive her car.
  5. That show a long time ago.
  6. Some scientists say the hurricane was caused by global warming.
  7. I worked very hard for that company and got very little .
  8. You can find a couple of from that movie online.
Video Lesson
short talks banner

25 October

Ms. Sally Salhit
Channel 3 TV
2000 Pine Road
Buffalo, New York

Dr. Ms. Salhit,

and by doing so you may gain sevel dozen new loyal (and young) viewers in the process.

I look forward to your response, and on a personal level, must say how much I enjoy your show.


Bob Calardar
Westside High School
Science Department