TOEIC® Style Reading Practice: Part 6

what to do
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Vocabulary Review
Use the words from the text to complete the following sentences. correct
resume • disrupt • assured • facilities
inconvenience • remedy • insist • technician
  1. The university is known for having nice .
  2. The program will after a short break.
  3. He us he would be on time, but he was late again.
  4. The big storm, although strong, didn't electrical power.
  5. The best way to a lie is to tell the truth.
  6. They they saw a ghost in the old house, but no one believes them.
  7. I am studying to be a computer .
  8. It is a big to not have a high-speed internet connection.
Video Lesson
short talks banner

To: Tim Belic <timbelic@yaboo.mail>
From: Melisa Brent<>

Mr. Belic,

Thank you again for informing us of this issue. We assure you we will remedy this inconvenience quickly.


Melisa Brent